Rheem HDi-310 Heat Pump Hot water System



Tank Size:


Rheem Top Mount 310 litre – Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Heat Pump Repairs are Sunshine Coasts Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water System HDi-310 repair plumbers.

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  • Top Down Heating – heats water to 60°C in almost an instant
  • Fits on a compact footprint
  • Ideal for 3 to 6 people on continuous tariff
  • 5 year warranty on cylinder
  • 2 year warranty on sealed system
  • 3 year labour warranty on cylinder
  • 12 month warranty on parts
  • Unique Boost element ensures hot water availability on coldest nights
  • Energy efficient – reduces hot water energy by up to 65%
    • Energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction of up to 65% based on Australian Govt Approved TRNSYS simulation modelling and apply when replacing an electric water heater with a Rheem Heat Pump water heater in zone 3.
    • Rheem MPi-325 Heat Pump water heater is recommended for connection to either 24 hour continuous tariff or extended off peak (min 16 hours/day) electricity supply. Any financial savings on an electricity account will depend on the tariff arrangement of the water heater being replaced. Maximum financial savings can be achieved only when the tariff for the electric water heater being replaced is 24 hour continuous. Consult your energy provider for more information on tariff details.
  • Eligible for RECs, and federal & State Government rebates

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