Hydrotherm Heat Pump Hot water System




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Hydrotherm- Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

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Model DYNAMIC/X8 Hydrotherm Heat Pump

Hydrotherm HEAT PUMP

Hydrotherm’s heat pump technology is both highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Hydrotherm heating process explains how heat pumps got their name. Instead of directly heating water, heat pumps transfer or “pump” heat from one source to another. That’s why they are considerably more efficient that other hot water systems.

Hydrotherm have spent over three years designing and developing the Hydrotherm range to ensure that each unit will provide years of trouble- free operation. However, in order to perform optimally it is important to ensure that your Hydrotherm is installed and operated in-line with the instruction found in this manual. Once operational there is little you need to do, except enjoy plenty of affordable hot water.

Warranty: 5 years tank, 2 years electrics and refrigeration.

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