Dux AiroHeat Heat Pump Hot water System




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Dux AiroHeat – Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

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MODEL NO: D2FHG4HW0C Dux Airoheat Heat Pump


If your home doesn’t offer suitable roof space and orientation for installing solar collectors, Airoheat is the next best choice in environmentally friendly water heaters, without the need for solar panels.

Working like a refrigerator but in reverse, it takes air in from outside the tank and uses it to heat water. Its patented in-tank heating coil ensures direct heat transfer, eliminating exposure to heat loss issues often associated with other styles of heat pump.

  • Single piece design allows for faster installation
  • Composite condensation tray is designed for rapid drainage in high rainfall areas
  • Dual anodes provide greater protection against tank corrosion
  • Patented in-tank heating coil to improve heat transfer
  • Improved thermal efficiency minimises heat loss due to a fully insulated storage tank and a robust refrigeration system
  • Water connections on both sides of tank provide easy installation
  • Eligible for Small-scale technology certificates
  • 5-year tank warranty, 2-year refrigerant components, 1-year full parts and labour*

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