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Heat Pump Hot Water Repairs is a plumbing business that has been established to repair and service Heat Pump hot water systems.

We are based at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast and specialise in Hot Water Heat Pump, Hot Water plumbing installations and plumbing repairs.

This is the only area of plumbing we work in so it means we can fix your system quicker with reasonable pricing.


The Stiebel Eltron hot water heat pump has over 90 years of hot water technology experience & hot water heat pumps are hard to beat. The volume of hot water needed and the usage requirements for your project will determine the appropriate model of hot water heat pump needed for your application.
We can assess your needs from your bill and help you select the appropriate system/systems for your home or business.


Thermann X Hybrid Heat Pump, Engineered in Germany for Australian conditions, The Thermann X Hybrid heat pump extracts heat from ambient air and quietly transfers it to heat water. It comes with a removable casing for easy cleaning and servicing where access is limited. With a built-in manual element boost, for high demand conditions, and solar PV ready, it truly is the smart way to heat your water.

The Rheem MPi Series Heat Pump is suitable for moderate – warm climates and average size families. A heat pump works day and night as it extracts heat from the surrounding air and doesn’t rely on direct sunlight to operate. 

Heat pump technology itself is nothing new. The technology that is incorporated into every Hydrotherm has been around for over a 100 years in a multitude of appliances from refrigerators to air conditioners. The Hydrotherm hot water system is classified as an air to water heat pump and these types were first introduced over 50 years ago.
EcoSmart Solar solar hot water repairs
Ecosmart An EcoSmart Solar Hot Water system can slash the average household’s water heating bill by 80%* – that’s up to 295 days free hot water every year – as well as help eliminate tonnes of potentially damaging greenhouse gases from our environment.

An iconic Australian brand since 1915, Dux Airoheat is committed to producing high quality Dux hot water heaters and to the on-going development of new products for the Australian market.

Dux Airoheat is the best choice in environmentally friendly water heaters, without the need for solar panels. Working like a refrigerator but in reverse, it takes air in from outside the tank and uses it to heat water.


Saxon SolarStar Water Heaters are lower cost, energy efficient, environmentally friendly heating systems. Cleverly using hot gases and air-conditioning principles, heat energy is captured from the surrounding air allowing the production of hot water during the day and night in all seasons and weather conditions.


The Quantum story is based on innovation and the quest to
harness renewable energy to produce sustainable hot water.
The origins of the company go back to the mid 1970’s when
extensive research work was undertaken by the University
of Melbourne in the development of heat pump technology
for the production of hot water. Today this patented
technology is used in thousands of Australian homes as well
as commercially in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe

Reclaim REHP-CO2- 400GL Energy Heat Pump

Sunshine Coasts Reclaim CO2 heat pump Australian owned reputable engineering company built on problem solving. We are passionate about the potential of energy efficient and sustainable hot water solutions tailored to Australian conditions, for Australian families and businesses.

With a Midea heat pump, set up and operation
monitoring is made simple thanks to an amazing,
in built user-friendly controller.

Operational modes
ECO (Heat Pump Only) mode: The standard
mode where the highest efficiency is achieved
Hybrid Mode: The Heat Pump & E-heater operate
together to ensure the set temperature is achieved
E-Heater: When the air temperature drops to
below 5°C, the heat pump will automatically select
E-heater mode for an electric hot water boost

The Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System

is a highly energy-efficient replacement for your traditional electric hot water system. It absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to heat water, in a way that saves energy, saves money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The Evo 270 is the next evolution in water heating,
with advanced energy Evo 270  efficiency technologies and
built in smart features to ensure you’re provided
with clean, safe, and economical hot water all
year round.

The Enviroheat system is the perfect partner for your rooftop solar system. Whether
you have an existing solar system on your home or you are considering it for the future,
the Enviroheat is the perfect choice to add to your system to gain maximum benefit
f rom the energy generated by the sun.


Siddons heat pump repairs Sunshine Coast Siddons SolaStream are no longer in production. Contact Heat pump and Hot Water Repairs so we can arrange inspection of your hot water system today.