Hot Water

Hot water is crucial to the day to day functioning of your home and business. When hot water systems need replacing or repairing with new parts installed, we can do it.
We carry all replacement parts for Hot water, Heat pump and solar hot water systems.
Things to take into consideration with electric hot water systems, they may seem an easier decision but they use a lot of power and power is continually going up.
A 3600 Watt elements in an electric hot water system can cost your family $600 to $800 a year to run as opposed to the 550 Watt heat pump or solar hot water system.
We are the hot water specialists on the Sunshine Coast. Mathew Briggs, our expert technician is continually training in thermal heating products both here on the Sunshine Coast and in Europe.He brings with him a wealth of knowledge on latest product design and innovation.
Hot Water